Trans beauty queen wants to inspire others with her own example


Angela Ponce, 26, will represent Spain in Miss Universe this December. The fact that she is a transgender woman meant nothing for judges and means nothing for Angela, but it is a big step forward for the whole world on the way to acceptance and diversity. Angela realizes it and that is why she represents herself as a spokesperson of the LGBT community in general and transgender women in part for Spain and the whole world, especially for kids, because her generation is not educated enough about diversity as they were not taught about it in childhood. And if we want to change the future, then we need to teach our children about something we should have known in their age. Speaking about growing up, the champion said: “The hardest thing in the whole process is to see how my body did not develop as I wanted or needed. I was training as something that was not and could not do anything,” she continued, adding: “I care about being happy. To be me.”


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