Trans writer Juno Dawson is afraid for her life


Transgender young adult fiction writer Juno Dawson has spoken out about the transition that on the one hand made her freer, because she is finally who she has always been physically, mentally and psychologically. But on the other hand, she sees the terrible violence the British transgender women are facing and it makes her live in fear to be killed on the street by some, as she calls them, groups of unkind men. Men meant human beings, not just males, there were many women who abused her verbally on the Internet. “It feels like bullying. I haven’t done anything to harm anyone and don’t intend to,” she said, “I don’t think they’re feminists, I think they’re prejudiced. If you make sweeping statements about minority groups, you’re a bigot.”A 2017 report by the charity Stonewall highlighted high levels of abuse and discrimination against the trans community, with more than two in five trans people saying they avoid certain streets because of being unsure about their safety there.


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