DUP’s Ian Paisley Jr. is ready to vote for marriage equality if the Parliament tells him so


The DUP’s Ian Paisley Jr has signaled that he would “accept the law of the land” if the UK Parliament intervenes and insists on marriage equality being legally recognized in NI. The primary opposition to equal marriage in the region comes from the Democratic Unionist Party, but it slowly begins to agree for compromise about this issue. One of the party’s leading MPs, Ian Paisley Jr, today suggested he would “have to accept” any decision made by the major leaders, whether it reflects his personal views or not, here he is not a person but a politician. “If [the assembly] is broken, as it is at the present time, we either put all our efforts into fixing the Assembly and letting it function and take the decision, or else we take everything back to Westminster and we legislate for it… and I would have to accept the law of the land at that point,” Paisley said. Paisley Jr also appeared to suggest that the DUP would not block a settlement on equal marriage that included a public vote on the issue.


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