Donald Trump suggested that abortion might be criminalized


Donald Trump has revealed that there “could be a vote” on whether abortions in America will remain legal as British TV host Piers Morgan asked the POTUS about his opinion concerning abortions. He responded that his views are conservative. He does not insist on the whole country dividing the views and claims to understand why American s are concerned about having a President with such a conservative viewpoint, but he believes that at least half of Americans think the same. They don’t, only 28% of Americans would criminalize abortions according to the poll, but the President thinks there might be a public vote on the issue. Trump, who has confirmed that he will run again for 2020, added: “There’s also a very good chance there won’t be a vote. We’ll have to see what happens. A case has to get up there. It could be a long time before a case ever gets up there.”


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