Harry Styles says that any person is a little bit gay


The former One Direction member who is known for LGBT activism, helping queer fans and donating money for LGBT charities, says that there is something gay in every person. At the final concert of his solo tour in Inglewood, California on July 14, Styles spotted a sign in a crowd that read “I’m gay and I love you”. To this Harry responded “I love you too and thank you for coming”. Isn’t that cute? Going on Styles added that we are all a little bit gay. If to note that scientists believe that 100% heterosexual people don’t exist and every person is more or less sexually fluid, then Harry is probably right. But even if you don’t believe the scientists, then you must have heard that the word ‘gay’ in English originally meant funny and joyful, so if to look from this perspective, any person can be gay and can feel a little bit gayer attending Harry Styles’s concerts!


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