Men admit having unwanted sex with women to prove themselves they are not gay


An increasing number of men are admitting to having sex with women against their will just to hide some signs of attraction to men even from themselves. Jesse Ford, a PhD sociology student at New York University, interviewed 39 college-aged men, from a variety of backgrounds, who said they had sex with women though they did not want it. The researcher said that it was not an assault, so the women did not force men to have sex with them, the men forced themselves to do it. But many men are just afraid to admit being sexually assaulted or did not believe that a woman can commit sexual assault against a man. From the legal point of view it is possible. Many of the men feel pressured by the stereotype that men should love sex with women no matter what and if a woman offers and you say ‘no’, then you are probably gay. Though it sounds as ridiculous as, for example, people should like meat no matter what and if someone offers you pork you must eat it otherwise you are a vegan. As it is okay not to like pork preferring, for example, lamb or chicken (which does not mean you are a vegan. And even if you are, there is nothing wrong about it), it is okay not to want sex with one particular woman because you are not attracted to her, but may be attracted to another woman. And even if you are not attracted to women at all, there is nothing wrong about it! And when people understand it, they will finally stop assaulting themselves.


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