Nicki Minaj was called out for appearing on the cover of Russian magazine


The 35-year-old singer has graced the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. But some of her LGBT fans, including, in part, the Queer Eye hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness, condemned the rapper for doing so, because Russian is known for scandalous ‘gay propaganda law’ and cruel homophobic purges in Chechnya, and Minaj comes there, poses for the cover, and she is not even allowed to call the Russians out for their bigotry. But there were also those who noted that Minaj is not a member of LGBT community and not even a politician to be able to challenge Russia for their laws, she came as a celebrity to pose for the cover of the fashion magazine and she coped with it perfectly — even if she discussed the persecutions that gay Russians are facing, then whom with? With a fashion photographer? Possibly, but would it help them? Russian fans added that they love Nicki and love her music, so they will buy this magazine, and they should not be limited in seeing their idol just because the country’s government acts inappropriately


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