The Scottish FM paid tribute to a hate crime victim while leading Glasgow Pride


Nicola Sturgeon has made history as the first serving Scottish leader to be chosen to lead the Glasgow Pride, headed up Scotland’s largest LGBT event, where she was named honorary grand martial owing to her support for the community’s issues. Wearing a T-shirt that read, “Choose Love”, she led the march alongside Suki Wan, the chair of the Scottish youth parliament. Addressing the crowd, she told them that they all were amazing, wonderful and beautiful, and she was extremely proud to be with them that day. “Scotland values tolerance, Scotland values diversity, Scotland values respect for all, and above all Scotland values love. These values that are so precious to us are values that are under threat all over the world, more than they have been in my lifetime, so it is important that here in Glasgow, in Scotland’s biggest city we reaffirm these principles and values of tolerance, diversity, love and respect and let the whole world hear them,” the First Minister said in her speech. Sturgeon went on to pay tribute to Blair Wilson, the 21-year-old from Neilston, East Renfrewshire, who became an Internet sensation after posting a picture of himself smiling while his face was covered with blood after a homophobic attack. “Instead of cowering away he spoke up and let me say this; the principles and the values demonstrated by that young man, of dignity, of courage and of compassion are the values that should define our country. So Blair, we all stand with you!” Sturgeon exclaimed.


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