Pennsylvania’s first out gay legislator said that some gay men are very misogynistic


Brian Sims, the first out gay legislator to be elected in Pennsylvania, has said that some of the worst misogyny he has seen has come from men who are gay. Unfortunately, people often think that those who differ from them are ‘wrong’ and ‘broken’, and that is where the roots of any discrimination are (homophobia, sexism, racism etc). But the thing is when you feel you belong to the ‘right’, ‘strong’ side, it improves your self-esteem and hateful remarks from people in whose eyes you are ‘weak’ don’t hurt you so much. The one who is hurt learns to hurt back. “Whereas I would think that living a life where others marginalize you would teach you how to combat marginalization and how to recognize it, oftentimes, it teaches people how to be good at it themselves,” says the politician. The politician also suggested that his Democratic Party needs to engage more with equality movements in America. For this, he believes, the party needs fresh blood— youth can value freedom and knows how to manage it. “We’re suffering not from a broken government, we’re suffering from a lack of engagement in a neutral government,” he added, “These campaigns, these blue wave campaigns around the country, are being staffed by people that are learning how to create winning campaigns. We’re doing the things, right now, that we need to do to take back government.”


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