Baseball player Josh Hader is under fire for saying that he hated gays


Josh Hader, the 24-year-old pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, faced a storm when his Twitter history emerged. In 2011—2012 the athlete tweeted that he hated gay people and they were freaking him out. When it turned out, the man had to issue an apology, saying that the 17-year-old child who wrote these tweets was too young and too immature, so he wrote something he cannot forgive himself for now, he ensures that these words do not reflect who he is now, it was a stupid mistake he made because teenagers often say what they think but don’t think what they say. But he is ready to take responsibility and face the consequences of his past mistakes. Teammate Lorenzo Cain added: “We all say crazy stuff when we’re young, that’s one reason why I don’t have social media, because you always get in trouble for it. But we’ll move on from it – he’s a great guy and a great teammate.” Cain said that everyone should attempt to “move on” and “focus on playing baseball”.


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