Ireland is to recognize trans and non-binary children of any age


The Irish government says it is considering the recommendations of a report that called for legal gender recognition to be extended. The previous Gender Recognition Act was accepted in Ireland three years ago and it meant that all the Irish folks could declare their legal gender on the basis of their identity if they are 18 and older. The new law is set to remove the age marker. The report, commissioned by Minister for Social Protection, Regina Doherty TD, recommends “a system of gender recognition for children of any age” that identify as transgender or non-binary, also providing a special support to intersex kids. It lays out that the Gender Recognition system for children should be a separate “administrate process” requiring parental consent, with a “straightforward revocation process”. It would also ensure that families have a support from the third part. Government minister Regina Doherty said: “I am delighted to publish the Report of the Review Group of the Gender Recognition Act today. I want to thank the Chair of the Review Group – Moninne Griffith and the members of the Group for their work and commitment in delivering this important report. “It includes significant recommendations, particularly with regard to gender recognition for children. Our work towards enhancing current Gender Recognition legislation reaffirms our commitment as an international leader on Transgender Rights. I will be consulting with the Attorney General and other Cabinet colleagues in order to tease out any legal and operational issues in advancing the recommendations.”


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