Man sues MTA for being mistakenly accused of exposing his genitalia in a toilet


Papers filed three weeks ago at the Manhattan Supreme Court showed that the plaintiff, William Campbell, was arrested on the morning of April 17 while using the public restroom at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, where, according to the local press reports, a man leaned over and looked at Mr. Campbell’s private parts. Campbell reacted by pushing the man away. An MTA police officer then apprehended Campbell, saying the man shouted homophobic slurs at him and trying to attack him physically. The criminal complaint brought against Campbell “falsely stated that there were children in the restroom at the time petitioner was using the urinal, there were no children in the area; that petitioner unlawfully exposed his penis, he did not, he was using the urinal; and that petitioner was carrying in his backpack a knife with a 10-inch blade, he was not in possession of a knife,” the lawsuit says, accusing the MTA of “unlawful arrest” and seeking damages. After a number of trials the man as finally cleared from charges. The officer was not identified and a MTA spokesperson refuses to say whether he is still employed.


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