Police has problems with handling hate crimes, reports say


The police of England and Wales admit facing significant problems when it comes to investigating hate crimes, in part homophobic and transphobic ones. The publication – compiled by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services – concluded that the police response in 89 out of the 180 hate crime cases it reviewed “wasn’t good enough”, many of the cases were not responded in time, a number of them was ignored by the police at all, and if to consider that historic events like Brexit led to a sharp increase of hate crimes, ignoring them would be an act of cruel negligence. It also stated that police should “make sure that the recommendations in this report are used in the future to improve the police response to hate crime victims.” The report added that hate crimes often happen in small tight communities where police are unable to get or it is just uncommon for these communities to apply for the police help, many of hate crime victims are just too afraid to speak about it, even to the police. So the police are not always to blame, but on the other hand it is their duty to provide a safe environment for all people.


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