The video of a man abusing a lesbian couple was removed by Facebook


The horrific footage, which had been viewed more than 56,000 times, was posted by Trudy Dragoon and showed a man hurling expletives at her and her wife. The video was removed from Facebook without notification, said Trudy. When she asked for explanation, she was told that the video violates standards of Facebook because it contents violence and hate speech. Trudy has since uploaded the video again on Facebook writing in a caption that she is also condemning hateful speech and violence and that is why she uploads the video — not to teach people how to be cruel, but to show them that such a violence, unfortunately, exists and it can happen to anyone. Only if people don’t ignore cruelty it is possible to tackle it. Trudy and Wendy Dragoon had been going door-to-door around the city – trying to find the owner of a dog they had found – when they were confronted by the young man. In the video, an unnamed young man can be seen squaring up to Trudy, seemingly in an attempt to engage her in a fight using hateful slurs and even the police refused to help.


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