Zander Hodgson was told that modeling was not for him because of ‘gay’ voice


Zander Hodgson, the British model who came out as gay in a heartfelt YouTube video earlier this year, said that modeling is an industry which is full of discrimination. He experienced bullying long before he publicly revealed he was gay — for his explosive femininity and a high-pitched voice. “When I was told by managers to see a dialect coach and that I might not book a job if I didn’t, you can imagine how I felt, to have a professional in the industry confirm my own doubts,” he told Attitude magazine, noting that such a discrimination was not the last argument for him to come out publicly, to tell the world that he is who he is and nobody has a right to dictate him whom to be. “It has something to do with this homophobic ceiling. That’s part of the reason I came out – I was being part of the system by hiding my sexuality,” Zander said. He was afraid of coming out before, because there were not so many openly gay male models, the world got used to gay designers and photographers, but he had doubts whether it would accept a gay man as a model.


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