Anne Heche says she lost job because of her relationships with Ellen DeGeneres


Filmmaker and actress Anne Heche has claimed 20th Century Fox ended her contract when her relationships with a TV star and comedian Ellen DeGeneres were publicly revealed in late 90s. Speaking on the Irish Goodbye podcast, Heche explained that she met DeGeneres just a couple of days after she publicly came out as a lesbian, and she was a little lighter who lit up the room when she walked in. Anne has never met a person who would shine so bright from inside as Ellen, she could not help but fall in love. But this love had its price to pay and this price was Anne’s career. “We were told that my contract for Fox would be distinguished and I would be fired. And that the movie that I had just met Harrison Ford on wouldn’t hire me,” she told the podcast, adding that now, in 2010s, people would never do anything like that, the world is changing and these changes are for better. She did not mean that discrimination against gay people is completely eliminated. Unfortunately, it is far from truth. But now gay people know they should not leave it as it is, they learnt to rise up and resist. If Heche understood the world the way she understands it now, she would demand 20 Fox Century to pay her damages for breaking the contract. As for Harrison Ford, he told Anne that he did not give a damn (he chose a ruder word, but we won’t repeat it) whom she slept with, but he wanted to create a good movie.


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