Bi woman filmed the moment when a stranger came to her door to tell her she was a sinner


20-year-old bisexual woman named Dannie posted a video on her Facebook showing a man standing at her door and telling her that God disapproves being gay as well as adultery, stealing or lying if you act it out. God loves gay people, the man ensures, but according to His view homosexuality is not something to be publicly expressed. Dannie wrote that it was the second time that man came to her. In the Facebook post, she wrote she wanted to share the video to make people aware that even when people are abused and discriminated against, they should resist. It does not mean that they should respond to hate with hate and attack their abusers verbally or, God forbid, physically. No way! It means that every abused person has a right to say ‘Love me or hate me, but that’s just the way I am!’ There is no need to feel guilty and to apologize for who you are, and of course, there is no need to believe in what other people tell you, haters gonna hate. Our world is diverse and it is probably the most amazing thing about it — even when there are identical twins, who are considered to be clones from the point of view of biology, either of them has their own unique feature that differ them from their twin. And it is great! Of course, people’s views and opinions of other people can also differ. But we don’t have to satisfy their needs and expectations. Firstly because it is virtually impossible, there are 7 billion people in this world, how could one be equally good for each of them? And secondly, if we live to satisfy someone else’s needs and reject our own personality, how could we be happy? Life is too beautiful and too short to let the seeds of bad words said by some terrible people grow inside our minds and fill them completely.


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