Cher shares her views on gay men when she first met them


The 71-year-old gay icon was just a schoolgirl when she came home and saw two men in a living-room, two excited and lively people, emotionally talking about something with her mom. She liked them so much that decided to be like them. She understood that they differed from the rest of men she knew before, but fir her it was a positive difference. She did not know about what it means to be gay, by then she would be considered too young to know about attractions and sex-related issues, but she knew those men were great and wanted to copy them.

Cher can be seen starring in new film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again as Ruby Sheridan, the mother of the first film’s protagonist Donna (Meryl Streep). And, speaking to Today‘s Kathie Lee Gifford recently, she revealed that her cover of “Fernando” for the film will not be her only ABBA-related track to look forward to, she is to pay tribute to the Swedish band releasing an entire album of covers for their songs.


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