Isle of Wight Pride apologized for advertising an event with a lion


Isle of Wight Pride posted on Facebook advertising a ‘Battle of the Prides’ tug-of-war between Casper the lion and a rugby team. The event was planned to be held in the local zoo. The pride promotion gave attendees a 10% discount off zoo entry when a Pride wristband was shown, including to the tug-of-war between people and an animal. However some were less than impressed with the stunt, calling it a disgusting and violent act of abuse against an animal that should not be tolerated. Responding to criticism on social media, the Isle of Wight Pride organizers said: “We are in a busy week and were asked to share various posts about events people have organized this week. We haven’t been involved in organizing this and we realized the mistake quickly and removed the post and haven’t promoted it any further. We are sorry and we apologize.” The post which they call a foolish oversight has already been deleted and the event is also cancelled.


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