LGBT Israelis strike against surrogacy law nationwide


The law, which passed by a vote of 59-52 in the Knesset permitted assisted reproductive technologies for unmarried women, but single men and same-sex couples were not mentioned in a new law, which caused massive irritation. Israel’s Airports Authority has warned that flights to the country are likely to be delayed due to nationwide strikes caused by LGBT groups. Companies such as Facebook, IBM, E-Bay and Fiverr supported their employees in their desire to strike against the law. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said earlier this week that would support a proposed amendment to allow same-sex couples to use ARTs, but did not keep the word due to pressure from ultra-Orthodox groups. His reversal was slammed by opposition parties as ‘cowardly’ and ‘spineless’. Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak also condemned the u-turn, saying that Netanyahu was a coward and a liar.


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