RuPaul’s Drag Race winner was booed off the stage in the biggest gay club of London


The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10, Aquaria, has been booed off stage by unhappy clubgoers in G-A-Y Heaven nightclub in London. The drag queen performed at the ‘Porn Idol’ — a weekly show in the nightclub the sense of which is in letting celebrities judge the club attendees’ strip teasing and dancing skills. Contestants can sign up prior to the show or during the club night, but the appearing guest also gets to pick one performer from the crowd. Aquaria’s choice of act was Love Bailey, a trans performer whom she knew in person, but the crows started to express their displeasure loudly. “One of my beautiful trans friends had the bravery to offer an entertaining show for the (many, clearly) undeserving audience members at the club because they’re too busy making fun of the lads and demeaning the women brave/boozed enough to perform for them,” Aquaria wrote captioning the video of the incident which she posted in social media herself. The video shows Aquaria speaking to the crowd on stage at Heaven nightclub, in front of the ‘Porn Idol’ banner. Fans are heard booing and screaming at the performer and halfway through the video Aquaria can be seen walking off the stage. “This is why girls loathe doing their jobs sometimes. Respect yourself and respect others,” Aquaria wrote in another tweet.


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