Amir Khan says sorry for calling Caitlyn Jenner Bruce


As we reported yesterday, Amir Khan and Caitlyn Jenner att5ended the same event in LA and Amir let his Instagram followers know about it posting a common picture with Jenner. However, in the caption to this picture he deadnamed her (it means that he used the male name Jenner was assigned at birth). Caitlyn seemed to forgive him for it, but the social media audience probably did not, so he issued an apology, saying that they were attending a sport event, and Bruce Jenner was the name written in the Olympic history, because Jenner succeeded as an Olympian before her transition and her achievements in sport could not be forgotten. She personally understood it (he said so, Jenner herself gave no comments about the incident), and as for those transgender people who were offended by his words, he is very sorry, because he would never mean to hurt anyone and would never deadname a trans person deliberately to humiliate them.


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