Pamela Anderson says youtube videos make people asexual


Pamela Anderson has said in her interview to Daze magazine that YouTube and video games are the reasons why some men don’t feel sexual attraction. Anderson, who was introduced as a “beacon of sensuality, sensitivity, and sexuality” was asked about “a boy who is going through an ‘asexual’ period,” who the reader wanted to “feel sexual again” and believed Pamela could help, because a number of men and some women consider her very sexually attractive. Anderson theorised that people are being made asexual by the amount of time they spend playing computer games and watching videos online. She said these technological advancements, along with “germ phobias,” are making people lose sexual attractions and decrease their chances to have good sex. “I heard that this is an epidemic. Or maybe it’s an evolution in the age of technology and germ phobias,” she added, noting that if people watch porn and masturbate, then they strop feeling a desire of sex. Actually, asexual people do not watch porn and do not masturbate, people need to feel a sexual desire, a sexual urge to do so, asexual people never feel it. And as it is impossible to make a gay person straight, it is impossible to make an asexual person sexually attracted to anyone.


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