The grandson of Singapore’s first prime minister is gay


Li Huanwu, who is also the nephew of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, broke the news through Out in Singapore, an exhibition for those LGBT people who want to come out to their family, friends, peers and the whole queer community of Singapore. Huanwu and his partner Yirui Heng made the announcement ahead of Singapore’s Pink Dot Pride. Homosexuality is illegal and LGBT visibility is highly condemned in Singapore, but there are LGBT rights groups that are willing to change it. Huanwu, 31, changed his profile picture on Facebook to a photo of him and Heng, a 27-year-old vet doctor. As they were caught at the exhibition, they decided not to hide their relationships anymore. He has been vocal in urging Singaporeans to attend Pink Dot, writing last year: “If you are a straight ally, I implore you to come stand in solidarity. For the LGBT community, it is but a dream to share in the same human dignities as you, to live full and proper lives. Your support is needed to live that dream. Please stand with us”.


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