Mormon couple opens LGBT crisis center in their house


A Mormon couple in Provo, Utah, have made their home a sanctuary for homeless queer people to give them shelter and food. What began as a personal endeavour by mental health worker Jeff and graphic designer Jerilyn has now become an NPO, founded by locals and some business institutions across the city. QueerMeals is run from their home and it never closes its doors for people in need. Having moved from Oregon to Provo in 2016, specifically to work with the LGBTQ community, the couple decided to use their Mormon values to help[ people who struggle and suffer from suicidal thoughts. One of the men who stayed in their shelter said there was not enough words to express how grateful he was to these people for the kindness they showed to him. Anbother one called it his second home. “I can go there when I’m hungry, in distress, or just want to hang out. I can express myself however I want and I don’t need to censor myself. When I’m having trouble at work or with family, I can get support from QueerMeals,” he said.


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