Non-binary travelers explore the world together


This is Max and their Partner Jaye. They got engaged earlier this year exploring mountains in Utah. They have a dog named Sir Bosley and a cat named Voldemort (we hope that naming him won’t lead to black magic turned on us), they are travel enthusiasts and they are both non-binary. Max said that it was very important for them to find a person who would love, accept and understand them fully without judgment, and Jaye is such a person, passionate and calm enough to understand what Max needs even when Max could not understand it themselves. Max, originally from LA, was raised in a religious household where it was not allowed to think that your gender could differ from the biological sex. They did not even try to seek support from people like them online, because it required them to speak out, and they were not ready for it. Jaye insists that masculinity and femininity are social concept, they can be easily extended and combined, gender is flexible and it can change from day to day. From the Grand Canyon and Zion, to the Santa Cruz Mountains, New Orleans, and Lake Tahoe, they have loved exploring the world and documenting it on Instagram. ““Having a partner who is non-binary and understands me is super cool. I honestly didn’t think I would find someone who understands me as well as Jaye does. Travelling is interesting because we get a lot of eyes on us, depending on where we are going. I usually get referred to as ‘sir/he/him’ when we go out, so it’s always entertaining to pass in public,” said Max, noting that they still like being outdoors and seeing new places. And social misunderstanding is not a reason for them to stop, so they want to inspire other non-binary people and everyone who differs from the socially accepted standards not to be led by fear and to catch the moment. “A lot of the backpacking and hiking community tends to be cisgender or heteronormative – I want to show people that there is space in nature for queer and non-binary people as well,” they said. As for Jaye, they don’t even know which trip is their favorite, as they all were awesome, but the first one has a special place in their heart because then they understood how perfect Max was as a travel paretner and how great it would be tro go across the world with them. “To have found someone whom I relate to so closely, and seem to have similar goal and dreams is a beautiful thing.Travelling with them makes me feel a lot more comfortable in myself. Some places we’ve been, we get stares. But knowing that we’re in this together and both understand each other’s experience makes those situations a lot easier,” Jaye added.


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