Riverdale promises a new same-sex love storyline in the next season


Riverdale fans can look forward to a gay relationship next season, stars of the show have revealed. There are already two female bi characters — Cheryl and Toni, but the final of the latest season hinted that it would not be the end. The finale also saw Kevin Keller and Moose Mason kiss passionately in the school bathroom. Casey Cott, who plays Kevin, told TVLine that Kevin and Moose are dating in the 3rd season and it was only a beginning of them exploring one another. “I had my first kissing scene of the season, and it was in the hallway at school,” he added, so at least one episode of the new season is already filmed. But Cott revealed that despite this positive development, Kevin is still on the way to accept himself, his sexuality and his role in these complicated relationships, it may take some time.


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