Love Island contestant Josh Mair commented rumors about his sexuality


Mair, who was dumped from the reality TV show recently, has seen the Internet bursting with rumors that he is attracted to men, and now he speaks out to say that these rumors were far from truth. One Twitter user wrote: “As a gay with a pretty solid gaydar, new Josh is definitely on mine 👀.” Another said: “Is anyone else getting gay vibes from new josh ????” Indeed, some men might be attracted to Josh, but it does not mean that Josh himself is attracted to men. He wrote on Instagram: “Right I feel like this topic needs clearing up as it’s getting a bit out of hand now… For everyone wondering no I am not gay or bi sexual, I never have and never will be,” he wrote, adding that he supports LGBT community, he believes that love is love and people are free to be with whoever they want, he personally prefers women, that’s all. He added that people should filter the information and should not believe everything they read.


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