Sean Spicer revealed the reason why Donald Trump proclaimed himself an LGBT rights supporter


The former press secretary of Donald Trump Sean Spicer thinks that people should not believe the POTUS when he says he is pro-LGBT. Mr. Trump understands that his ratings are falling down, so this is how he tries to gain support, that’s all. Spicer opened up about his time working for Trump in book The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President, which has been critically panned. And according to this book Trump was manipulating human rights issues in his speeches long before he became the POTUS and even before he was chosen as the Presidential hopeful from the Republican party, in a speech to the Republican National Convention. The convention had seen a plot from ‘Never Trumpers’ to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee via a roll call petition, but people were so impressed by Trump’s speech that many of them decided to cross their names out of it. The final person to withdraw their name from contention was Washington, DC delegate Robert Sinners. Sinners allegedly told Trump communications advisor Jason Miller that “he wanted Donald Trump to support gay rights”. Sinners signed “a form that officially removed his name from the petition”, and in return “Jason told Sinners Donald Trump’s acceptance speech would acknowledge the LGBT community, which no other Republican acceptance speech had done, and it did.”


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