Trans woman shot to death on the way home


Diamond Stephens, 39, became the sixteenth report of a trans person killed in the US this year, after 27-year-old Sasha Garden’s death in Florida last month and it was proven she was killed. Stephens, who was found dead in her car on June 18, was not identified as trans for more than a month because she was originally misgendered by the reports from the Mississippi police. A total of 28 trans people were killed in the US in 2017, the highest number on record – and like Stephens, most of the victims were trans women of color and killed in the South. Police Chief Benny Dubose told local channel WTOK that Stephens appeared to have been killed by a person who was with her in the vehicle. Stephens’ family started to worry when she didn’t come home, and said they couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to kill her. At a candlelit vigil for Stephens, her cousin Kimberly Stevens told WTOK: “I think the community needs to get together and stand because we’re all united as one, so without us being together, it’ll always continue.


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