Transgender Pakistanis have problems with voting


Transgender voters in the Pakistani city of Peshawar have reportedly been denied access to polling stations as the general elections were held ion the country, According to local media, dozens of people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region have not been allowed to vote because they did not have proper IDs. But even those who have their IDs changed (including the third gender category, which is legally recognized in the country) were not allowed to vote. The president of the transgender advocacy group Trans Action Pakistan, Farzana Jan, was the first person issued a gender X passport. As we already reported, 5 transgender women were nominated during the election — Nayyab Ali, Nadeem Kashish, Lubna Lal, Alamgir (aka Maria) and Zahid Khan (aka Resham). Three of the candidates reportedly ran for seats in the National Assembly and two contested seats in provincial legislatures.


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