WWE star Corey Graves roasted an Internet troll who used the word ‘gay’ as an insult


A Twitter troll got the smackdown from the wrestler whim he targeted with homophobic and sexist remarks. Clyde E. Dawkins, who tweets from the handle @ClydeEDawkins and describes himself as “Standing up to bullies” in his bio, tweeted Graves that he was a gay pussy on her period. In another tweet he told him “your gay suits and your bad commentary are reprehensible.” “What’s reprehensible is that it’s 2018, and in your ignorant mind ‘gay’ is an insult. I don’t happen to be gay, but most importantly at least I don’t think like you. Also, I’m pretty good at commentary,” Graves responded. Dawkins, however, did not stop insisting that Graves was gay, for him it was a widely known fact and the wrestler was bad at masking it. He then proceeded to label anyone who objected to his behaviour “bullies and idiots,” claiming there was “no offensive word in his tweet,” that Graves was being a bully to people on Twitter, and eventually lamenting how he was being “bullied and harassed” while he was “just minding my own business” and called Graves a homophobe who hates himself


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