Democrats fight against Republican anti-gay adoption bill


A group of Senate Democrats is trying to stop a Republican bill currently making its way through Congress that would allow adoption agencies to deny potential adopters if their religion tells them so. It will mostly affect same-sex families who want to adopt a child. The measure, known as the Aderholt Amendment, was attached to a budget measure currently under discussion in the House of Representatives. A letter signed by 40 senators addressed the Senate Appropriations Committee objects to the language of the bill, asking for it to be excluded from the Senate version of the bill, on the grounds that it would sanction the state-founded discrimination. “Such an exemption would elevate the religious beliefs of taxpayer-funded foster care providers over the best interests of children and would be a serious threat to the safety and protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth in foster care in particular,” the letter read, adding that queer people are misrepresented in foster care system because of the fear of discrimination they might face. Already 10 states have approved legislation that effectively allows faith-based adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT+ couples, but the Aderholt amendment would not let the state stop funding the agencies in case if they deny gay couples in service.


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