Japan wants to attract LGBT tourists


Japan is hoping LGBT people can boost tourism in a region that is currently recovering from tsunamis and earthquakes that it survived 7 years ago. The initiative is also reportedly creating spaces to welcome LGBT people in Fukushima, the state that suffered from the nuclear plant disaster at the same time. The country’s Reconstruction Agency has launched an initiative to draw queer and trans people to visit the areas with specially-designed zones, encouraging the staff of hotels and other touristic attractions to get educated about the LGBT issues and to hold LGBT-related events, such as, for example, same-sex weddings. The project is reportedly one of 10, thought up by the agency in the hope of boosting visitors to the disaster zones. It’s not currently known how many gay and trans tourists visit Japan each year. And despite trying to attract more LGBT visitors, the counmtry is far from being LGBT-friendly if to compare to Europe, though quite progressive as for Asia.


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