Stonewall Democrats refuse to support Cynthia Nixon


The New York Democratic Party’s LGBT caucus stated that they are not going to back Ms Nixon in her gubernatorial battle against the current governor Andrew Cuomo. If Nixon won, she would be the first out lesbian governor in New York, but she is not highly supported, because she is far from being an experienced politician, especially if to compare to Cuomo, who already knows what it means to rule the state. The Stonewall Democrats, the Democratic Party’s official LGBT caucus, this week delivered a massive snub to Nixon by throwing their support behind Cuomo. Cuomo reacted to the endorsement on his personal Twitter account. “The Stonewall Democrats are true leaders in the fight for the LGBT community. It’s an honor to have the endorsement of the largest LGBT Democratic club in NY as we continue the march toward equal rights for all,” he wrote. Though Nixon condemned Cuomo’s LGBT rights record, it is generally believed to be positive. Cathy Marino-Thomas, former board president of Marriage Equality USA, penned an open letter to Nixon calling her out fir her comments about the governor, labeling them as inaccurate.


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