Trans woman was shot trying to stop an armed thug


A transgender woman has been shot by a man as she tried to take his weapon away from him. The 29-year-old victim and her attacker started scuffling in the parking lot of a petrol station in Detroit, Michigan. The two entered the store arguinjg and fighting for the gun, another customer escaped. Police said that after the provided CCTV recording, the trans woman was shot, she survived and doctors give a positive progmosis. As it stands, the police has not yet confirmed whether the attack was motivated by transphobia, but it is one of the versions, it is now investigated. The criminal is not identified as he immediately fled. Local resident Cierra Burks said she wouldn’t be surprised if it was a hate crime, “especially if it’s somewhere in this area, where transgender women are targeted. “I’m glad she fought back. I’m glad she’s still here,” added Burks.


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