Grindr is going to tackle bullying and racism


The dating site tweeted a cryptic video with a voiceover discussing racism, which says that there is a problem of sexual racism — avoiding people on dating apps because of their race. It also tweeted a link to a website called, which currently only has the voiceover and the tagline: “It’s time to play nice.” The new initiative is to start next month. Discrimination and hate speech has been highly discussed for a while. In part Munroe Bergdorf, the transgender model of color, addressed the company demanding changes. “Grindr has the resources and potential to become something positive and inclusive for the LGBTQ community in the future,” Bergdorf wrote in a recent Instagram post. “I just hope they make the necessary changes to do so.” The 30-year-old also shared screenshots on Twitter and Instagram stories of conversations of her fans using the platform, which showed that she was abused and offended for the color of her skin. In a later post Bergdorf revealed she was meeting with Grindr’s head of communications, Landen Zumwalt, and chief content officer Zach Stafford to discuss the app’s efforts in eradicating racism on the app.


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