Hong Kong libraries changed their minds about banning ‘inappropriate’ books after the backlash


The Hong Kong government has reportedly reversed its decision to remove ten LGBT+ children’s books from its 82 public libraries. After the removal of the books the society burst out with irritation. The books included Molly’s Family, Introducing Teddy, Daddy and Papa and Me, Mommy, Mama and Me, The Family Book, The Boy in the Dress and Milly, Molly and Different Dads. These books were removed as the anti-LGBT focus group started to accuse the libraries of promoting homosexuality. The move resulted in uproar among LGBT+ rights campaigners. Human Rights Watch slammed the decision, saying it limits people who need to know something important for their safety and personal development. Brian Leung from the LGBT rights group the Big Love Alliance told the Hong Kong Standard that the move was unacceptable. And a local activist, Lee Tak-hung, reportedly applied for a judicial review of the decision, which he believed was against the law. Now, it appears that the Hong Kong government has gone back on its decision to remove the books, following the criticism from LGBT+ rights groups, reports Young Post.


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