Two gay dads launch a protest against an amendment banning gay adoption


Two gay dads have set up a petition to protest an amendment which they say would not allow the state to limit financial supply for adoption agencies that deny gay adoptive parents because of religious beliefs. Jamie McGonnigal and Sean Carlson created the online petition in an attempt to stop the “blatantly homophobic” motion going forward. They have adopted their son who is now 8 months old, and they don’t see the reason why to deny so many caring and loving potential parents. Will it be better for these kids to grow up in orphanages with a thought that nobody needs them and they don’t deserve love. “With so many thousands of children out there just waiting to find their forever home, it deeply saddens us that the GOP is going their best to keep those babies and kids from finding the love of a family,” McGonnigal told PinkNews. The couple, who live in an urban suburb of Washington D.C., believes, that before allowing some people (no matter gay or straight) to adopt kids, the officials should go to their houses and see how they live instead of making conclusions on such general factors as age, religion or sexuality, which do not define parenting abilities.


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