Orange Is The New Black actresses Emily Tarver and Vicci Martinez are dating


Vicci Martinez, who joined the OITNB cast this season as enforcer Daddy, who falls in love with fans’ beloved character Daya. But in real life the actress has a crush on another woman from the OITNB cast — Emily Tarver, who plays Correction Officer Artesian McCullough. Martinez said that it was Emily who inspired her to come back to her forgotten hobby — music. The two formed an amateur band and they are now singing adorable duets, Vicci shares with News Tribune. For the fans of the actresses there is nothing new about their romantic relationships because both of them are posing common pictures with sweet captions on their Instagram accounts. It is not the first time when the serial about all the struggles of life in a female prison united hearts. Last year actress Samira Wiley married one of the show’s screenwriters Lauren Morelli. Morelli spoke about how her own personal journey mirrors that of the show’s protagonist Piper – only realising she is gay while working on OITNB, divorcing her husband, and finding love with one of the show’s inmates.


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