Young people are terrifyingly unaware about sexually transmitted infections


The survey was carried out by The Mix, a UK-based support charity for people under the age of 25, and recorded the answers of over 1,000 young adults to learn more about their sexual behaviors, awareness, and safety. One in 3 has never tested for STI and one in 5 has no idea what this abbreviation stands for. Out of those who had never been tested before, 44 percent said they didn’t feel the need to because they have protected sex only, 20% feel too embarrassed to be tested. Furthermore, although most of the respondents who hadn’t been tested before said they would get tested if they had symptoms, though most of such diseases are unsymptomatic. In response to the survey results, The Mix launched a new sexual health campaign called Getting Some? Get Tested with the goal of protecting young adults in the UK from contracting STIs and spreading them to others. Zoe Bailie, Director of Brand at the The Mix, said to Mirror that sexual life and sexual health have always been delicate and tricky issues for young people and that is why such projects are important in spreading awareness and giving protection.


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