A Labour councilor resigned because trans women were allowed to use female bathrooms


Ann Sinnott, who had sat on Cambridge City Council for four years, left after accusing the council of being in “dereliction of the law,” she believes that it disrespects women’s rights. Many anti-trans activists thought the same and were protesting massively against the bathroom policy, but it was still applied. Sinnott resigned after Sarah Brown, a former Lib Dems councillor who became the only openly trans politician to be elected in the UK when she won her 2010 election, insisted on the necessity of the Equality Act 2010 being applied in the council. Despite dozens of authorities having now changed their guidelines to clarify that trans people can use their preferred bathrooms, Sinnott continued to believe that there would be men pretending to be women to get to female bathrooms and to attack women. “I have no wish to be party to unlawfulness, nor will I collude in keeping this matter from Cambridge women, and other residents — they have the right to know. I do not want to be a member of a council that fails to recognize that female-only facilities are needed by women as a generality,” she said in her quitting statement. “Nor do I wish to be associated with a council that effectively treated Cambridge women with contempt, while it insidiously dismantled their rights.”


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