Politician wants to ban LGBT events from Northern Ireland Assembly


A member of the Northern Ireland Assembly has called for a ban on all the events which, as he calls it, promote an alternative lifestyle, meaning they are related to LGBT. The Alternative Queer Ulster event was held at Stormont, as Northern Irish LGBT community spoke out demanding equal rights. However the event has attracted fury from Jim Wells MLA, a strong opponent of LGBT equality who had the Democratic Unionist Party whip withdrawn as he failed out with the party leadership. ““The norm is a man and a woman… Stormont is not the place for promoting and evangelising for alternative lifestyles. The norm is heterosexuality,” he said, adding that the majority of Northern Irish people find such events embarrassing and uncomfortable. Actually, if to believe the researchers, they are not — the overwhelming majority of Northern Irish population declares its support to LGBT rights in general and same-sex marriages in part. And that fact that for him it is not a norm because he is heterosexual does not give him a right to speak on behalf of the whole country.


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