Transgender woman was not allowed to use female bathroom at the LGBT music fest


A transgender woman was confronted and told she was “in the wrong bathroom” while attending LoveLoud fest, raising money for LGBT charities. Brianna Cluck, who was attending the festival with Provo Pride, told Fox Salt Lake City that they had been assured all bathrooms were gender-inclusive, but in fact only two of them really were. The incident resulted in two organizations – Queer Meals and Provo Pride – leaving early, one of them refused to accept any donations from the festival at all. In a statement posted on Facebook, LoveLoud said they were saddened to hear that members of the LGBT+ community could face discrimination at the place where they were supposed to be loved and supported. “We have a zero-tolerance policy toward any behavior that makes anyone feel unsafe or unwelcome. As an organization dedicated to creating safe and affirming events for our LGBT+ friends and families, our staff, volunteers, and charity partners were asked to participate in an LGBTQ+ cultural competency training. We are committed to learning from our mistakes and will continuously work to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in our community and beyond,” they wrote.


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