Alaska Airlines apologized for discriminating against a gay couple again


Alaska Airlines has activated public relations emergency mode after the story of how a gay couple was not allowed to sit together because a straight couple wanted to, reached a number of public media (including GNE). The airline has issued another lengthy statement of apology for the incident, which was made public by David Cooley via social network accounts. A representative for Alaska Airlines first apologized in a tweet in response to Cooley’s, saying they had mistakenly booked 2 people in one seat, and these people’s sexuality has never been an issue at all. Then a lengthy statement apologizing to Cooley was issued to various media organizations, as the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News reported. But as popular uproar at the incident intensified, the airline issued an even longer statement, ensuring that the company has a number of LGBT employees, a rubric devoted to LGBT-friendly traveling on their website and anti-discriminatory policy. It made no explicit mention of taking measures to investigate the incident and the crew members involved or to prevent this from happening again, simply stating it was trying “to make this right.”


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