Amsterdam zoo marked Pride


However hard the homophobes are trying to convince us that homosexuality is a choice, a socially adopted lifestyle that goes beyond the nature, we know that it is not true. We know that homosexuality is naturally developed, we know that it cannot be infused in others’ minds by society just because of one simple reason — homosexuality is not a human-only prerogative. That is why the Amsterdam Zoo decided to show their respect to the LGBT community by means of spreading awareness about the representatives of the animal kingdom who are also out and proud. During the tour, visitors can observe homosexual behavior in species such as the Japanese macaques, flamingos, penguins, and even griffon vultures who have become gay adoptive parents for an abandoned egg. “Nature is much more diverse in sexuality and sex than most people think. This lecture during Pride Amsterdam is about creatures that are neither male or female, about animals that change sex, animals whose sex does not depend on their genetic material, and about homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom,” the zoo’s resident biologist Charlotte Vermeulen explained in a press release. She added that homosexual animals are treated as a paradox because they cannot reproduce, but paradox is not a mistake — albino animals are a paradox because they don’t have pigments that would allow them to mask, a bumblebee is a paradox, its wings are aerodinamically too small to let it fly, but it flies, on the other side of the coin, non-flying birds do have wings of an ‘appropriate’ size but don’t use them. Different is not less and what is not broken doesn’t need a fix.


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