Big Brother contestant is under fire for asking a fellow participant whether she was trans in a very rude manner


A contestant on Big Brother in the US JC Mounduix has asked a fellow housemate Rachel Swindler if she is a “real girl”, and said there were gossips that she could be trans. But in fact there have never been such gossips and it was only his suggestion. But instead of just asking the mate whether she was trans or cis (it is okay to ask it if you are unsure, much better than to get into a mess if you are mistaken), he rudely expressed the view that trans girls were not real girls. He went on to badger Swindler about her gender, even reaching out and brushing her throat and saying she has a “big adam’s apple.” Rachel responded that she was cis, but even if she were trans (ESPECIALLY if she were trans), it would not give him a right to behave so rudely with her. Fans of the show have been calling Mounduix out for suggesting that trans women are not real women, with one person commenting: “Just throw away the whole season.” It is not the first hateful remark made by JC Mounduix, who is known for using racist and homophobic slurs.


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