Children charity swore to support same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland


Children’s charity Barnardo’s has joined the fight for equal marriage in Northern Ireland, that remains the only part of the UK that does not have marriage equality recognized because the local politicians fail to find compromise about this issue. Barnardo’s NI threw its support behind the campaign for marriage equality in Northern Ireland, becoming the first children’s charity in Northern Ireland to express vocal support of marriage equality in the country, because the charity works with many children, some of them are from same-sex families or have gay relatives. It also has many LGBT volunteers and employees. “Our support for same sex couples to marry reflects Barnardo’s core belief that every person is different but equal and everyone’s unique worth should be recognized. We work and live in a diverse and multi-cultural environment which Barnardo’s embraces and promotes. Marriage equality legislation has been passed in the rest of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, across western Europe, the USA and Australia and we hope that Northern Ireland will soon follow, giving same sex couples the right and freedom to marry if they so wish,” said the charity director Lynda Wilson.


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