Theresa May is concerned about transgender voters


Theresa May has been urged to abandon plans to roll out ‘Voter ID’ rules for UK elections, as the transgender and non-binary communities believed them to be discriminatory, and the PM probably does not want to discriminate against any British citizen. The UK government recently piloted a ‘voter ID’ system in some areas during local elections, which require people to show a government-issued photo ID to be allowed to vote. But the thing is that some transgender people are on their way to receive IDs that would match with their true gender and where their chosen name would be written, so the IDs they have now are not corresponded with the way they look and represent themselves, so it might create an obstacle for voting. The Electoral Commission report had warned: “Wider evidence suggests that further work is needed to make sure that an identification requirement doesn’t stop people who are eligible and want to vote in future elections.” So, the PM had to think more about this issue and as a conclusion, the initiative of imposing the mandatory ID check for the voters is now halted.


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