Trans activists demand to add trans flag to the list of emojis


A petition has been launched asking Unicode, the organization that approves emojis, to introduce a separated emoji with a blue-pink-white flag for the transgender community. The petition comes after the company accepted a proposal to introduce a lobster emoji as some people were ‘confused’ being forced to use a crab instead of it. The creator of the petition, trans activist Charlie Craggs thinks that if Unicode hears lobster eaters then why not to hear transgender people, who are discriminated against, abused and killed for being who they are, but they are human beings, they belong to this world and they deserve being treated with dignity and respect. Of course, trans flag emoji won’t solve the problem of transphobia completely, but it will acknowledge the existence of transgender people, it is already a big step, it is very important. In a tongue-in-cheek addition to the petition, the creator noted that “lobsters can actually be Gynandromorphs (an organism that contains both male and female characteristics)”, so they will be used as a symbol of transgender people until the trans flag emoji is introduced. The leader of the campaign, Charlie Craggs, is an author and activist, and is also the founder of the campaign Nail Transphobia. The initiative aims to educate people on trans issues and make new allies while also delivering manicures.


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